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Company's freight management decisions are made by an asset-Based management company, whose chief objective is directing available business and freight income to those assets. DSI provides non asset-based consulting services.
Company is acquisition-oriented and has personnel redundancies in traffic and freight management or does not impose a corporate traffic policy on all affiliated companies DSI provides corporate Logistics policy guidance, review, design and staffing review backed by full audit and management reporting services.
Company relies too heavily on third party intermediaries, brokers, or forwarders, and has consequent exposure to additional liability in the event of non-payment by intermediary to actual carrier, and has less control of product while in transit. DSI provides Corporate Route Guide development and integration.
The company has a decentralized traffic function, with control at individual plant locations, no uniform traffic policy or program. DSI implements comprehensive RFP (Request for Proposal) processes, using total corporate volumes.
Freight Classification issues are unclear, bills of lading are hand-marked with hand written descriptions and classifications. DSI provides freight classification review and analysis.
International distribution to your export market is plagued by delays and paperwork execution problems, and customer service has its hands full with less than satisfied customers. DSI provides a full operational review of the international logistics function and works with existing personnel to design, implement and administer an efficient logistics program from order entry to final delivery to your valued customer.
Consistent reliance on expedited services, air freight, air charter and surface expedites is driving your product costs through the roofDSI develops a cost effective and service responsive expedite program to address all your requirements. Just because you need to expedite doesn't mean that all concern or control for shipping costs goes out the door.
Key decisions in Import/Export routings are left up to your designated broker or forwarder with little or no oversight resulting in excessive or unnecessary chargesDSI works with you to develop a cost effective routing program meeting all your service requirements. Do you know what you should be paying for air and ocean freight services? We do. Call us now!
Increasing customer requirements for decreased turn around times are becoming difficult or impossible to accomplishDSI evaluates all supply chain and order cycle related services and requirements. Interim warehouse possibilities or sub-assembly stations options are reviewed, as well as efficiency improvements in the order cycle processing and supply chain systems which shorten your cash to cash cycle and preserve your customer base.

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