Distribution Solutions, Inc. IRRS Carrier Demonstration

Welcome to the DSI Internet Rating/Routing Service Carrier Demonstration.

The Carrier Demonstration begins with your viewing the Carrier Main Menu, with an active request for expedited freight service quotation waiting to be viewed and acted upon. As a participant in our live production system you would have recieved notification of this request both by e-mail and by fax.

Please note: This demonstration is designed to present a brief overview of our actual online expedited freight routing system. As such, not all of the functionality of the production system has been included here. The pages comprising this demonstration are marked with explanatory text, at points at which functionality has been compromised (e.g. buttons whose functions have been removed).

Please note: Many input fields in the pages comprising this demonstration are pre-loaded to appropriate demonstrational values. Changing the values in any of the fields will have absolutely no effect on subsequent pages. Output seen on later pages is based on the pre-loaded data found on the earlier pages, not on any user-entered values.

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